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Biodata Profile LeeTeuk

NAhhh ane kasih informasi sedikit tentang biografi LeeTeuk Silahkan disimak semoga bermanfaat untuk agan, dengan salah satu anggota dari personil SUJU berikut.

Biodata Profile LeeTeuk Personil Super Junior

Nama : LeeTeuk 이특 ( Leader )
Nama Asli : Park Jeong Soo (박정수)
Tgl. Lahir : 1 July 1983
Tempat Lahir : Yeonshinnae
Umur : 27 ( international ) / 28 ( korea )
Gol. Darah : A
Bintang : Cancer
Shio : Babi
Posisi : Ketua, sub-vocal, tenor
Grup : SuJu HAPPY, SuJu Trot ( Leader )
Catatan Tambahan :dulu dia pernah hampir bunuh diri gara-gara diputusin
cewek. Suka ngejayus yang benar-benar jayus. .
Pairnya : KangIn

Leeteuk's Profile

Stage Name: Leeteuk, Eeteuk 이특
Real Name: Park Jung Su 박정수
Chinese Name: 李特 (Li Te), 朴正洙
Date of Birth July 1, 1983
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: A
Family: parents, older sister Park Inyoung
Hobbies: singing, writing songs, going online, piano
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
First appearance: as a cameo in MBC All About Eve (2001)
MC:- Mnet Countdown [with Shindong, previously Kangin who got replaced by Eunhyuk.
DJ: 수키라 Sukira (Super Junior Kiss the Radio) [21 Aug 2006 to present]
CF:- Ivy Club with SJ- NII with SJ- 더위사냥 Heat Hunt with SJ member Donghae (2006) Watch- Pepsi (2000)Official fancafe: JS StoryMisc Information:- Got a stage name
Leeteuk/Eeteuk which means "special", because he's a "special guy" Watch his explanation on Happy Together Friends here- Calls himself an "Angel without wings" or "Angel Teukie"- Therefore, white is his favorite color- Heechul gave him the nickname "Peter Pan" (because he's an angel, and Peter Pan flies~) but it seems rarely used- Has a signature dance and introduction- Got lasik eye surgery before debut (2005) but he still wears glasses for fashion

In early 2000, Park Jung-su was scouted by a talent agent in Myeongdong.[citation needed] He was asked to audition for the Starlight Casting System 2000, which soon signed him into SM Entertainment that same year. Park made an extremely brief cameo appearance in the MBC Korean drama All About Eve in 2000 and was also a model for Pepsi. He was then put into a five-member boy band along with his future Super Junior bandmate, Donghae by his talent agency before this idea was dropped. Some of the names for this group were OK, Pricor and Smile.[citation needed] After he was put in Super Junior, Park wanted a stage name similar to Kangta and thus chose the name Leeteuk. Teuk, which means "special."

On November 6, 2005, Leeteuk as a part of Super Junior officially debuted on SBS's Popular Songs performing the group's first single "TWINS (Knock Out)." Being the oldest of the group, Leeteuk was chosen to be the leader of Super Junior, leading and guiding the group in media interviews and schedules. Since the debut of Super Junior, Leeteuk has been a regular MC for M.NET's 

M!Countdown along with Super Junior members Kang-In and Shindong. However, since late 2006, Eunhyuk replaced Kang-In's position. Along with Eunhyuk, Leeteuk is also the DJ for KBS's Super Junior Kiss the Radio since August 21, 2006. Starting December 2007, Leeteuk became the host of his own show, Leeteuk's Love Fighter, a variety show of Leeteuk helping to solve troubled couples' problems.

In early 2007, SM Entertainment placed Leeteuk in a new six-piece subgroup of Super Junior, Super Junior-T. Different from Super Junior's usual urban music style, the group specializes in singing modernized versions of trot, an old style of Korean pop music. On February 25, 2007, Super Junior-T debuted on Popular Songs with their title song, "Rokkugo!!!". Super Junior-T released their first single, "Rokkugo!!!" on February 23, 2007, ultimately selling 45,998 units by the end of the year, ranked as the sixteenth best-selling album of the year.

from : Wikipedia


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